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Project reserve:
150 114,87

We are engaged in the creation and development of Bitcoin mining farms. By investing in bitcoin mining on our farms, you are guaranteed to make a profit.

Get more than 100% profit from every dollar by investing in the production of the most demanded cryptocurrency in the world!

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Investment project
Cash-BTC How to start earning!?

Cash-BTC the project is for ALL and the main rule of earning income in it is to be an active person! ( This is not difficult! )

* How to take part in the project ?
To participate in the project, you need to top up the balance in your personal account. The invested money turns into the speed of building up the balance for withdrawing money to your wallet. It should be borne in mind that the very concept of this type of online earnings is developed for active investors who want to increase their funds and understand how to do it! Be active, for example, recommend the project on social networks, bring other contributors after you, and the project will work for a very long time! Your income depends on yourself!

* Start of the project from (8.12.2021)
At the start, the administration allocated a sufficient amount for technical support of the project (payment for the server, domain, etc.) Funds have also been allocated for the initial advertising of the project.

* It all depends on you!
How long the project will work depends on the activity of the contributors themselves! In order to increase the period of uninterrupted operation of the project, it is recommended that all investors be active and recommend the project in any possible places. Very well suited for this social networks and blogs type,, Tumblr, LiveJournal and so on Publish your payments, recommendations for working with the project, share your successes and earn money on this while extending the life of the project! Don't forget about reinvesting! It is desirable to invest part of the earned money back!

* What is the profit of the administration in the project ?
The administrators themselves are the contributors to the project and make money on this, just like you!

Administrators provide you with a platform and the opportunity to earn! How and how long it will turn out depends only on each of us!

* Can I earn without investment ?
Yes, you can earn without investment due to the referral program and the starting bonus! Recommend the project, for example, on social networks, bring new contributors and get a referral reward in the amount of 10 to 20 % from the amount of their replenishment. (For more details, see the "Referrals" section.)

* Free referrals ?!
A referral is a user who has registered on our project. Not everyone comes through referral links. Those who register without a referral link are called free referrals.

There are no free referrals for sale and never will !!! Our project distributes free referrals on a first-come, first-served basis to active contributors as an additional bonus! ( Thank you for participating in our project with us! )

If you made any, even the minimum contribution of $ 0.50 and brought two referrals, then during the work of the deposit you will have referrals accrued from the free system. The distribution of free referrals is carried out in the form of a drawing, in a circle, on a first come, first served basis. (The more active contributors, the more free referrals the project has and the system will automatically distribute them equally!)

* How long will the project work ?
The project will work until the reserve runs out of resources. At the moment, the project reserve is 150 114,87 $.

* The concept is an active contributor !?
An active investor is a person who invests not only his own money! He also invests his time and effort in helping the project develop! Our project is designed specifically for such people and the more there are, the better it will be for everyone! Please do not be passive, leave your feedback on the project on social networks, post screenshots of your payments and do not forget to leave your referral link

* How much income will I receive ?
For the calculation of income, see the "Cabinet" section after registration.

* $ 10 bonus - freebie !?
No investment of your forces or funds - no income! To withdraw bonus income you need to make a contribution or bring active referrals! The income from the bonus can only be spent on reinvestment, until you become an active depositor!

* Where can I see the history of balance top-ups ?
In the "Cabinet" section, at the bottom of the "Your replenishment" page - all your replenishments and income from them are displayed here.

* Where can I see the withdrawal history?
In the section "Payments history" - this page displays ordered payments, as well as payments through the referral system.

* How are the payments going ?
Payments from the deposit are carried out instantly (instant) after clicking on the (Pay out) button in your personal account. The interval between payments from the deposit is from 1 to 24 hours (depending on the initial project settings by the administration). Referral rewards do not have a withdrawal interval and can be withdrawn at any time!

* Why can't I top up my balance ?
There may be a lot of reasons. Most often, you just need to restart the page, or go to the site again or use a different browser.

* P/s For especially gifted ones !
For boosting referral rewards using multi accounts, blocking the entire network of accounts!

* P/s - as is !
The service is provided as is. Everything is in tune! Everything works automatically! Be active, bring friends and the project will work for a very long time! Your income depends on yourself!

Best regards, administration of the investment project: Cash-BTC

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